Free Kickstarter Course: Building for The Future

May 13, 2016

You did it! 

This is the last lesson in the Free Kickstarter Course Curriculum!

After today you should have a great idea of how to develop, launch, and fund your Kickstarter. Today we’re going to talk about using Kickstarter to build toward your future. 

Now onto the lesson: 

When you’re talking about building to the future, you have to deliver that Kickstarter first. Not just that, but you have to over deliver.

You have to add everything in your power to make people say WOW. Once they are wowed by your professionalism and quality, they are very likely to back again. 

Now, once you finish your Kickstarter the first thing you need to do is find an email program like Mailchimp or Aweber and start communication with your backers on at least a monthly basis. Do not wait until your next project to keep people informed. They will forget about you

Then, you need to start planning your next project. You are no longer a hobbyist. Once you finish your campaign and start to launch your next, you are a business. However, you can’t really go full force until after backers get their rewards. 

And that’s it!

You are well on the way to killing it on Kickstarter. I hope this course helps you realize all your goals. I’m here to help with anything your need. Please reach out and get involved on twitter and instagram @russellnohelty. If you would like your own consult, you can head over to to book one today!

Until the next one. 


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