Episode 21: Creating Your Ideal Customer Avatar with Alex Echols

May 25, 2016

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Today on the show we have Alex Echols. On top of being a
writer, Alex is also a coach and a marketer. So he knows online marketing more
than most of our guests.

He’s developed his ideal client avatar, built an audience,
and has a team working with him to launch products. This is a much more
business focused interview than we normally do because Alex, well he knows
business. Here’s his bio straight from his website alexechols.com:

Earlier in his professional career, Alex helped build several
multi-million dollar entertainment brands (The Dark Knight, Shrek, Harry Potter 6),
but these days, that’s not what gets him to jump out of bed each morning.

Today, he is best-selling
author, speaker and mentor for millennial entrepreneurs.  His biggest
passion is helping people to create epic online businesses based on their
passions with Ultimate Biz Builders. By living out his
dreams and impacting others, he hopes to inspire millions throughout the world
to do the same (or bigger).


The best-selling author of Abundance Now and the co-author of ‘the
,’ Lisa Nichols says that Alex’s bestselling book, The Two-Week Notice(http://amzn.to/1JjWiZ8), is “your guide to
unapologetically stepping into your greatness in your business and life.”


Throughout his career, Alex has been blessed to learn from some of
the world’s top entrepreneurs, business leaders, coaches and political leaders,
helping him to build and share his message with the world.

He has spoken about pursuing a
passion-based life at Fortune 500 companies, conferences, universities and
leadership development programs, and he writes about personal growth and how it
fits into millennial entrepreneurship.  His writing has been published on
Under30CEO, Addicted2Success, ThoughtCatalog, Prsuit, among many others.

He is a proud graduate of
Vanderbilt University and can be found traveling the world sharing his message
and living a life of deliberate intention and purpose.


I’m going to be honest with you, if you come here for the
discussions about creativity, like we did with the fantastic Lila Ash, or for
long form discussions about how to build a career in the arts like we had with
Les Garner, this is a very different type of episode, but I think it’s one of
our strongest. Alex is a master at the game of building a creative career.

What I love most about Alex is that he wants to show you
that it can be done from just a couple of steps ahead of where you are right
now. Most marketers or marketing books talk about million dollar launches and
mastering all the things, but not Alex. Alex knows the hustle because he’s
still in it.

I love this idea because it’s what I try to bring to this
show. I want to show you who to aspire to be, but I also want to show you boots
on the ground, people doing it right now.

We started our discussion really focused on the ideal client
avatar, and Alex showed me something I never thought of before. He showed me
that I was thinking of avatars only one sided. While an ideal client avatar is
important to have, it’s also essential to know you are the ideal client for
other people and the ideal people aspire to be like. That two way street was
really eye opening for me.

Then he showed me how to go about making an ideal client
avatar, which is very different than the way I made mine. He says to make a
circle in the center of a page, and fill the corners with the hopes, dreams,
strengths, pain points, and weaknesses of your avatar. This is so important to
find, because otherwise you are flailing, trying to find out who wants to
receive your message.

I shared with him that what I coach is to find your ten most
engaged Facebook friends and basically interview them about why they respond to
your message. They are your first ideal clients.

We really dug deep into his book, Two Week Notice, too,
which you can find on Amazon by clicking
. The crux of his book is that Alex called two of his friends who all
went from working corporate jobs to entrepreneurship and they made a book about
what it’s actually like to quit your job and how to build your empire.

I love this idea so much. As I talked about before so many
books are written from people at the top of the mountain. Those books are
essential reads, but it doesn’t do much for people at the bottom of the
mountain trying to climb it. There aren’t lots of actionable plans people can
use in the moment. That’s where this book is different. I highly recommend clicking
and trying it out.

There is so much meat in this interview, I feel like I should
quit typing and just let you listen. If you want actionable advice about how to
build your audience, find your ideal client, or get the creative juices
flowing, this is a must watch interview.

Alex talked about a really cool website to help you redirect
people back to your site from a retweeted piece of content. That is snip.ly. I tried it out and it’s pretty cool. If you want to
connect with Alex, head on over to www.alexechols.com.

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Thanks so much. I hope you enjoy this episode.


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