Episode 15: Branding Yourself With Jasmine Sandler

April 13, 2016

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Today we have Jasmine Sandler on the show.
Jasmine is a digital marketing specialist and ad agency executive who
specializes in working with a lot of artists. We talked about a ton, but first
I want to let Jasmine talk about the show in her own words, straight from her

Jasmine Sandler is a global keynote
speaker, trainer, author and consultant in Digital Marketing and Social Selling
for global organizations. She is the Founder and CEO of Agent-cy Online
Marketing, a Manhattan-based Online Branding agency, specializing in SEO since
2006. She has been named (2012, 2013, and 2014) as a Top 40 Global Digital
Marketing Strategist in the industry, Top SEO consultant on Twitter and Top 17
Digital Influencers in Content Marketing.

Jasmine has over 15 years’ client
Digital Marketing experience in helping corporations such as Citibank,
Intercall, Doublerock, ISO and countless others use the web to drive online
visibility and generate leads that have resulted in new business online. She
started, developed and sold a social network before social networking was a
widespread term.

As the lead Digital Marketing
Strategist for Agent-cy Online Marketing, Jasmine has led online marketing
programs in Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Pay per
Click Advertising and Online Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Marketing
Strategy and Online PR for B2B professional services companies. Currently, she
manages all SEO and Digital Marketing Strategy for the firm’s top clientele.

Jasmine has also consulted in the area
of Online Personal Branding for C-levels and Sales Directors for over 5 years.
Through her own developed process, she has helped global executives build, grow
and protect strong online reputation that have led to developed new business
for their organizations. She writes and trains C-levels on Personal Branding
at Fast Company and on her own website 

As a Digital Marketing Trainer, Miss
Sandler has developed and delivered workshops to corporations in the areas of:
SEO Basics, Advanced SEO Marketing Techniques, Lifecycle Marketing, Online PR,
B2B Social Selling, B2B Social Media Marketing Basics and LinkedIn Sales.

Particularly on LinkedIn, Miss
Sandler is well known by LinkedIn and by business professionals around the
world for her training programs in LinkedIn Sales. As a corporate LinkedIn
Marketing Consultant & Sales Trainer since 2011, she has trained
professionals from such organizations as: Northwest Mutual, Signature
Bank, Regus Corporation, Berdon LLP, Fox Rothschild LLP, KRS Management
Consulting, Emerge 212, Crown Advertising, Interactive Edge
more. Jasmine is a LinkedIn Author of “Branding & Sales: The
LinkedIn Way
”, a manual for using LinkedIn for Selling, as well as
multiple papers, reports, whitepapers and presentations on the subject.

She is a Lead Digital Marketing
Instructor for The Knowledge Engineers, The Marketing
Executive Networking Group, CEO Club International, Incisive Media, Search
Engine Strategies, PRNEWS, The Association of Strategic Marketing, The Direct
Marketing Association, Vistage International
 and countless
other B2B member-organizations.

She has been interviewed and is a
regular contributor on the subject of B2B Social Marketing and Sales to WPIX, NBC, PRNEWS Digital Guidebooks, SES Global Conference, OMMA,
The New York Times
 and other B2B media. She is a regular lead
contributing writing to LinkedIn Pulse, ClickZ.com and
 on Social Media and LinkedIn Marketing.

Prior to her career in Digital
Marketing, Miss Sandler was a B2B Solutions Sales Trainer for IBM Global Data
Services for a period of 5 years. She also spent several years as a Media Buyer
for Foote, Cone and Belding Advertising. Jasmine holds a dual MBA with the
highest honors in Marketing and Computer Information Systems.

Details of Jasmine Sandler’s Social
Media Marketing and SEO Training programs can be found on 
www.jasminesandler.com Follow Jasmine’s articles on
LinkedIn Pulse platform to
learn the latest insights on using Social Media to drive sales. Information on
her next speaking engagements, services and client work is available at 

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So as you can tell from her bio, Jasmine
knows a TON about online branding and marketing. The best part is she
specializes in helping artists, so her advice was really pertinent…especially
since most of us don’t have much money to invest in our online strategy.

Jasmine started with talking about how thing
have changed since she started in the Mid-90s. These are all things I say so you
don’t have an excuse anymore, and to make this look more attainable than ever.

The bar of
entry lowered a ton since the 90s. I mean it used to cost thousands or even
tens of thousands to develop a website and get in front of people. Now, there
are templates online. There are low cost developer. You can do it all with a
few hundred dollars or less.

Social media
was something that didn’t even exist a decade ago, at least not in a meaningful
way that can help your business. Since then, it’s possible to connect with
billions of people without spending a dime.

Mobile also
allows you access to people much quicker than before. Mobile helps you connect
with your audience even more.

Jasmine told me that her personal brand is
about 70% time and 30% money, and she has an awesome brand. So you can imagine
what you can do with more time and less money. That’s what it’s always about
too. Life is all about exchanging time for money.

Then we got into talking about branding and
social strategy. To Jasmine, the most important thing is focus. You have to
know exactly what you are doing, who you are targeting, and where you want to
go. This is a long game. The good news is, all of this can be done online
through data mining social media and google. You can go to Google, type in your
favorite artists who you want to be like, and see where they are strong. Then,
you can build your audience and your focus from there

Jasmine brought up a good point too. She said
that online is all about storytelling, and we as artists and creatives are
storytellers. So really, we have a huge leg up on the competition and in other
businesses, because we know how to tell stories.

Then, she talked about the most important
part of social strategy, where to involve yourself. Did you know Behance was a
thing? Because Jasmine loves Behance and I never even thought about it much.
She says Behance is integral to a social strategy. Then she also brought up
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube. I would through Twitch in
there as it seems to be building up some steam.

You can find Jasmine @ www.JasmineSandler.com and on twitter @ @Jasmine_Sandler. She’ll
also be speaking @ the Long Island Business Expo on April 21st at
Hofstra University and Surtex on May 15-17 at the Javits Center.  

And she offered all of us a free gift, which
is the first quarter of her Intro to Social Branding Course…absolutely free!
You can find it

We had a great conversation, and this doesn’t
even skim the surface. I hope you enjoy it! Find us on
Itunes. If you like the show please subscribe, rate, and review it. It’s
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    • noheltyr@gmail.com Jun 8, 2016

      If you like business podcasts, I recommend Foundr and EOFire. If you are looking for Creativity ones I like The Moment and You Made it Weird.

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