Episode 14: Doing all the Things with Nathan Lueth

April 6, 2016

Today we talk to Nathan Lueth, illustrator, artist, and hustler. Here’s what I love about Nathan, he has no shame in doing all of the things. Most artists look down their nose at doing caricatures or logo design. Not Nathan. That’s the basic of Nathan’s business. 

And business is good. He can make $100+/hr churning them out at country fairs, and he’s become a bit of an institution at these fairs. People come from an hour away or more to get him to draw them. It’s pretty insane, and it’s a line of business most people won’t even consider. 

Nathan makes his living being good, punctual, and nice. Yes, you only need 2 out of 3, but he’s got the whole package, which is something I preach all the time. 

Look, you aren’t going to start out being good. However, you can always be punctual and nice. There isno reason not to be those two things. And then, when you get really, really good you can still be nice and punctual. 

Then, you won’t just getsome jobs. You’ll get all the jobs, and build lifelong clients, and that’s something Nathan comes back to over and over again. He has these couple of clients he has worked with for years. 

That’s where he build his business, on these few clients that have consistently given him work over the years. In fact, he’s the first guest I have interviewed that specifically told me he still works with his first two clients.

That’s incredible. Most clients feel that they outgrow their clients, but not Nathan.Nathan is still doing caricatures and churning out temporary tattoos as if it was his first day on the job.

That part he’s got down pat, but he also spends his time searching for new clients,never satisfied with what he has and knowing that at any time the work can dry up.

And that’s what makes Nathan special. Most people either get a couple of clients and coast, or they think they have to find hundreds of clients. However, it’s a mixture of both new clients and existing that make a successful career.

Then,we got into talking about his webcomic Impure Blood, which was a finalist in the old Zuda contests back in the day. If you don’t know Zuda, they were a digital imprint of DC that I absolutely adored. They were years ahead of their time. The recent Kickstarter success Black had some Zuda guys on the team.

When he didn’t win the contest, he didn’t stop though. Instead he and his wife(Impure Blood writer Nadja Baer) went out and started their own webcomic, which now has over 300 pages done, and will be wrapping up at 400 pages.

Their site gets 700 unique visitors a day on the strength of the story, the writing,and the art. They’ve parlayed their success into printed trade editions oftheir books, with three available at shows.

I’m so excited for our conversation. I hope you love it.

You can find Nathan at http://nathanluethillustration.com/Nathan_Lueth_Illustration/Portfolio.htmland Impure Blood at http://impurebloodwebcomic.com/

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