Episode 12: From Napkin to Shelf with Afif Ghannoum

March 23, 2016
This week’s featured guest is Afif Ghannoum. Afif works in consumer products, specifically oral germ care. His company Oasis Consumer Healthcare is in almost every retailer you can imagine and he’s written a book called The Napkin to Shelf Blueprint: A Step-by-Step Guide to ACTUALLY Turning Ideas into Amazing Consumer Products, which is available at Bulk Apothecary.
Honestly, that last part is why I had him on the show. The idea to focus your retailer outreach on a place no books are really being sold is ingenious to me. He’s using something called the Blue Ocean Strategy here, which is the idea that if everybody is fighting for the chum in one area (red ocean), you should focus where nobody else is b/c that is where you are going to find your best customers. I love that idea, and it’s something we have been looking into for a while, and will be doing more of in the future.
You can find Afif on Facebook @ From Napkin to Shelf and online @ The Napkin to Shelf Blueprint (www.napkintoshelf.com).
Enjoy the episode.

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