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  • Your Personalized Walkthough to Finding Your Ideal Client

    Everybody’s ideal client is different, and ideal client profiles are the essential way to start growing your brand before you implement any other strategies. When we implemented our ideal client avatar we saw sales increase 100% almost overnight!

  • Where and How to Find Your Perfect Audience and How to Make Them Come Back For More.

    Once you have an ideal client profile, I’ll show you exactly how to find them and get them coming back for more over and over again. Once you know this formula, you can implement it over and over again forever.

  • How to Build Social Proof and Authority so People Trust You

    The name of the game in build your ideal audience is that people know, like, and trust you. I show you exactly how to build your network and your online presence so people will feel comfortable buying from you, see you as an authority in your space, and come begging for your product.

Yes! I'm Ready for My Two Hour Consultation!I Want to Get My Personalized, Audience Building Blueprint for Only $300!

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Tara Tara, Forever Be Moved

I connected with Russell through Twitter while searching for no non-sense authors with a unique following. Russell was kind enough to host a video conference to share his knowledge and industry experience in marketing and targeting niche audiences.  He provided an up to date perspectives and enlightening actionable steps so that I may immediately begin discovering and targeting my future clients.  After just one session with Russell and the additional information provided on his website, I am confident I will be able to specifically target the appropriate audience for my business.  Thank you, Russell!

Chris Delloiacono Chris Delloiacono, Eternal Autumn

Russell really understands the finer points of how to run a successful campaign. His advice was invaluable towards tweaking the campaign for Eternal Autumn to maximize our potential. He’s also got tremendous outreach into the community because of his previous successes. You have to drive eyes and traffic through promotion to a well thought out page. Russell is an expert in both areas.

Sammy Montana Sammy Montana, Anarchy Management

"I was very impressed by your know-how on how to build an audience for my business. Your advice not only cut my learning curve but helped me immeasurably to start seeing results. I can't thank you enough!!!"

Paul Jenkins Paul Jenkins, META Studios

I was struggling to figure out a social strategy to grow our audience for my latest book launch. After talking to Russell for just half an hour I was able to develop a plan and get clarity for us to have a monster debut! Thanks Russell!

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